Helsinki Declaration

den 27 januari 2021

De nordiska länderna har ett samarbete på området dödshjälp. Här kan vi läsa den finske läkaren, Juha Hänninens senaste uttalande i detta sammanhang. 
Se f övr länken längst ner. 

NORDIC DEVELOPMENTS The Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) have many similarities, but also many differences concerning Medically assistance in dying. Euthanasia is In all countries a criminal act, even if there might be mitigating facts for euthanasia in certain circumstances.

Assistance in dying (MAID or using the bad phrase “assisted suicide”) is not criminal in Finland and Sweden. But there are professional moral barriers which have so far prevented physicians to assist their patient to die.
Nordic Right to Die associations did gather together in Stockholm 2019 for the first time. Then it was decided, that we should meet again in Helsinki in October 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic unfortunately prevented us from travelling and the meeting was cancelled.
It was then decided to have an internet Teams meeting on 6 and 7 in November anyway. One of the reasons was “the case on Staffan Bergstöm” (medical professor and the chairperson of Swedish RTVD). Staffan did assist a patient to die during summer 2020 in Sweden, and the act got lots of publicity.
At the November webinar all Nordic associations will get together to discuss how to promote legislation concerning assisted dying in all the Nordic countries. We will hear Staffan Bergström’s story about his own case. Famous scientist (in Finland) professor Esko Valtaoja will give a talk about his personal and philosophical view on euthanasia.
And we will naturally share experiences, looking for common issues. Participation in the webinar will be limited to board members of the 5 Nordic associations from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

Juha Hänninen, Helsinki

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